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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia in simple terms is an increase in the size of male breast tissue. Breast prominence can result from enlargement of glandular breast tissue, chest adipose tissue (fat) and skin, and is typically a combination. It frequently presenting with social and psychological difficulties such as low self-esteem. Gynaecomastia could be physiological, due to some medication, some endocrine problem or due to cancer (testicular). Physiological gynaecomastia is due to hormonal changes, mostly seen in the adolescent age at the time of puberty and is caused by an imbalance in the estrogen androgen ratio. Most of the time it will resolve within 1 to 2 years of puberty. When it does not reduce and if it causing embarassment, then surgical help needs to be sought for. If the enlargement is predominantly due to fat then a simple liposuction would give good results. The procedure is simple and safe and is done through one or two tiny 2mm incisions and thus is cosmetic. If along with excessive fat deposition there is enlargement of glandular tissue, then along with liposuction, the glandular tissue needs to be removed to give the ideal contour. This excision is also done just through a 1 to 2 cms incision around the areola so that no scar is visible One can get back to work after a day of the surgery. A pressure garment needs to be worn for a month after the surgery for best results.



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