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Exercise / Physical activity on a daily basis increases insulin sensitivity and uptake of insulin by the muscle cell . Thus, it helps diabetics keep their sugars under control. Being regular and consistant is what is important. Don't overdo . or call 8880537537 #drtulips #todsindia #metabolicsurgery #diabetessurgery #bariatricsurgery #gastricbypass #type2diabetes
hashtag #Blueberries are one of the richest sources of #antioxidants (flavanoid called anthocyanin), thus they fight harmful free radicals and provide a myriad of health benefits. Blueberries are high in vitamin C and thus can help maintain and improve skin texture. Blueberries are also low in calories and high in water content. Hence can be used during #weightloss too. For people undergone #BariatricSurgery, consult a #BestBariatricSurgeoninBangalore about including this in your diet. For more information visit or call 8880537537 #todsindia #drtulips #diet #nutrition #fitness #Weightlosssurgery #gastricbypassinbangalore
hashtag #Oranges are positively packed with and citric acid and vitamin C, which helps the body synthesize #collagen, thus improving skin texture. The high beta-carotene content in oranges also helps your body create and process vitamin A, which aids in skin cell growth. They are also a very good source of #dietaryfiber and are high in water content. Thus oranges can be helpful when we plan for #weightloss. Consult your #BariatricSurgeoninKoramangala for diet advice. For more information visit or call 8880537537 #todsindia #drtulips #fitness #diet #nutrition #vitamins
Almonds - A Healthy Nut #Almonds, either raw or roasted, are a reliable source of quick energy, high in #fibre, #protein, #antioxidant , Vitamin E, B and vitamins, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and Mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids. In short it is a very healthy nut. 10 to 15 almonds a day is a good choice. For more details contact or call 8880537537 #nutrition #fitness #todsindia #drtulips #koramangala #diet #wednesdaymotivation
Metabolic Surgery/ Diabetes Surgery #India is considered as #DiabeticCapital of the world. Complications due to diabetes are seen at an EARLY AGE affecting the #Heart, #Kidney, #Eyes. BEST SOLUTION would be to get out of diabetes. This is possible through Metabolic Surgery/ Diabetes Surgery which gives remission of Type 2 Diabetes. For more information, visit: or call 8880537537 #MetabolicSurgery #Type2diabetes #DiabetesSurgery #ThursdayMotivation #todsindia #drtulips #koramangala #Diabeticfoot #insulin #Glucometer #diabetesTablets
Non weight bearing exercise ideas for morbidly obese people with knee joint pains. When these people do weight bearing exercises their body weight causes them a lot of pain in knees and ankles. This is one of the reasons they shy away from workouts. Swimming could be a super option in such a population as it  does not put pressure on the knees and ankles. When  morbidly obese people undergo Bariatric surgery/ Obesity surgery / weight loss surgery  swimming could  be a good choice of exercise to tone the body and  it can prove a great advantage for weightloss. There are several alternative ways to lose weight by low impact exercises. Walking: During the initial months, when weight loss is happening post surgery, walking helps since it’s a low impact way of exercise. Even if you can walk only small distances, make it a point to keep walking diligently, and keep increasing the time span of walking. Water Exercises: Do not shy away from water exercises. This form of exercise cushions the weight on your joints and legs by 90% and helps you exercise without pain. Even people who do not know to swim can take advantage of this form by just walking in the water. Stationary cycling bikes: There are many varieties of bikes available in the market. A recumbent bike with a small seat. This is very beneficial for morbidly obese people. Sitting on a seat and peddling away reduces the impact on knees and ankles. It also reduces pressure on the back too. Contact us for more such information. Leave your details here. or call us at 8880537537 #TODSindia #drtulips #koramangala #BariatricSurgery #Obesity #Kneepain #ExerciseforObese #ThursdayMotivation #bariatrics #Fitness #fatFighters
High protein food need not always mean meat products. There are some vegan food that are equally high in protein as well. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegan food which has high protein content and including this in your diet can not only help you lose weight, but will help you build your muscle too. 100 calories of Broccoli contains 11.1 gms of protein as compared to an equal calorie of steak, which contains 6.5 gms of protein. Choose you diet carefully for weight loss and to improve muscle. People who have undergone weight loss surgery should consult your surgeon for post Bariatric Surgery nutrition before making any dietary changes. #todsindia #drtulips #BariatricSurgery #weightlosssurgery #diet #obese #fatfighters #weightloss #nutrition
Metabolic surgery as the name suggests takes care of the metabolic syndrome that comprises of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. It was initially offered only to the morbidly obese , but now it is done on diabetics with a BMI of 27.5 as well. Results are phenomenal with diabetes getting off as early as the next day of the surgery. It is also a key hole surgery requiring just 2 to 3 day hospital stay. However this procedure is successful when done to type 2 diabetics. Besides this, there are certain blood tests which need to be done to ensure whether one qualifies for a metabolic surgery in order to get remission from type 2 diabetes. For more details, contact 8880537537 Dr.Tulip's Hospital in Koramangala. #drtulips #todsindia #Metabolic Surgery #Diabetes Surgery #Bariatric Surgery #Metabolic Surgery in bangalore #Metabolic Surgery in Koramangala #Best Hospital for Metabolic Surgery in India #Type2 Diabetes
Exposure to Diabetes for long years or uncontrolled diabetes can lead to peripheral neuropathy affecting the sensation of the feet, thus causing Diabetic Foot- Ulcer, Infection. Metabolic Surgery can help one get remission from Type 2 Diabetes and hence avoid such complications. #todsindia #drtulips #MetabolicSurgery #DiabetesSurgery #BestHospitalforMetabolicSurgeryinIndia #Gastricbypass #obese #type2diabetes #diabetes