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Obesity & Genetics It is well established that overweight and the different forms of obesity are conditions tending to concentrate within a family. Obesity risk is two to eight times higher for a person with a family history as opposed to a person with no family history of obesity, and an even higher risk is observed in cases of severe obesity. Researchers have found many obesity susceptibility genes and the combination of an obesogenic environment and a genetic predisposition will almost inescapably result in the development of obesity. However, it is possible to be obese without having a genetic predisposition. In cases where there is BMI elegibility, Bariatric Surgery can be a solution when all types of weight loss solutions fail.
Bariatric Surgery- For sure Weight loss solutions. Dr.Tulip's Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre provides sure solutions when diet & exercise does not help to reduce weight in morbidly obese people. For more information, visit
Cosmetic Surgery Post Pregnancy. some women tend to retain some belly fat as well as their muscles tend to remain lax and do not come back to shape. At Dr.Tulip's Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre, our specialist provides solutions for this problem through Cosmetic Procedure - Abdominoplasty with excellent results.
Join Support system for long term weight loss success Bariatric surgery does not only require a person to undergo a major surgery, but it also involves the person’s mental determination for a lifestyle change. “Bariatric surgery is an emotional roller coaster. Developing a support network is key, ” says Michelle Lewis, LCSW, of Salt Lake Weight Counseling. Post surgery, develop a strong support group system, be it at home with family, or at workplace with colleagues, or at a support group with people who have undergone a similar procedure. Support groups helps you discuss your concerns freely, and find solutions from people who have been through a similar situation, and how they combat it. These groups also provide you with methods to manage plateaus & emotional eating. It will give you fresh ideas to manage your weight, and more determination to follow the set instructions given by your Surgeon.
Best Metabolic Surgery Centre in India. Solutions for Remission of Type2 diabetes at Dr. Tulips Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre, which is in Koramangala 4th block. Call 8880537537 for more details.
Best hospital for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Bariatric Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Are you suffering from it? What are the solutions for this problem? To know more, call 8880537537 watch the video
Top 5 Hospital in India for Sleep Apnea and Obesity Obstructive Sleep Apnea combined with Obesity can be a cause for sleeping during activities like driving, talking , watching TV. Dr.Tulip's Hospital gives solutions for Obesity & OSA. Call 8880537537