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ABOUT PILATES Untitled-31 Pilates is a rigorous form of exercise which emphasizes core strength and improvement in posture. During the Bariatric surgery journey, it is important to take up a form of exercise that you feel committed and passionate about. When you’ve lost sufficient weight after bariatric surgery, more intense exercise such as Pilates will be easier for you to try. Pilates is an excellent form of physical fitness to help keep you in shape for long term weight loss surgery results. Benefits of Pilates post Bariatric surgery include: Strengthen your back and abdominal muscles Improve your alignment and posture Develop muscle balance to help prevent injuries Increase your flexibility Improve your circulation Develop a long, lean and strong body Enjoy more energy ITS NOT JUST A EXERCISE PROGRAM, ITS AN EDUCATION. We just don’t exercise you, we educate you about your own body. Many conditions are managed by educating the patient about posture or ways to reduce strain on the body. Particularly relevant with work related problems. Our physiotherapists are experts in prescribing the right exercises to resolve various problems. eg : low back pain, early arthritis, etc DO NOT PUNISH YOURSELF AT GYM Most of the people fight their bodies at gym after weight loss surgery or any other surgery, but gym is not the right place for you. You need an medical expert to guide.
Best hospital for Obesity realated Infertility in Koramangala, Bangalore. Many women suffer from Infertility. One of the reasons for infertility is Obesity. At Dr.Tulip's Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre, there has been excellent results for Obesity related Infertility cases. Dr.Tulip, specialist surgeon consults at koramangala in Dr.Tulip's Hospital
Cosmetic Surgery Post Pregnancy. some women tend to retain some belly fat as well as their muscles tend to remain lax and do not come back to shape. At Dr.Tulip's Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre, our specialist provides solutions for this problem through Cosmetic Procedure - Abdominoplasty with excellent results.
Paneer & Tofu are both food options for vegetarians as part of their recipes. Paneer is derived from animal milk (cow, goat) while tofu is plant based (soya milk). Both are similar looking with a slight variation in taste. For people looking to lose weight, tofu is an excellent replacement compared to paneer. Paneer contains 265 calories per 100 gms as compared to tofu which has 62 calories per 100 gms. Also one must note the fat content in both paneer & tofu. While paneer has 20.8 g of fat, tofu has 2.7 g of fat per 100 gms. People who have undergone Bariatric Surgery or Metabolic surgery must consult your surgeon before including these in your diet plan.