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Importance of Counseling Counseling is a specialty that maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span. This specialty pays particular attention to emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns. The weight loss process is not about being perfect but about loving and accepting yourself as an individual. With our coaching and/or counseling, we assist you with developing a sense of empowerment, defining your boundaries and developing and maintaining optimism with the greater appreciation for the ‘self’. In case of weight loss surgeries, counseling is a support process in which a counselor holds talks with patients on one to one, with families, with groups to help him/her to solve issues related to obesity. Counselor basically helps the patient and their family in the journey of weight loss till the goal is achieved successfully. Presently, prior to the weight loss surgery date being scheduled, the bariatric surgery patients are required to undergo pre-operative counseling. A weight loss surgery can cause ripple effects and change many areas of your life. A person will often experience changes in their emotional state in terms of their depression going away. The patients could also experience reduced levels of physical pain and fewer obstacles. There will be some changes in the following areas of your life: Career Relationships Marriage Friendships Spirituality
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