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Exercise Is Crucial for Weight-Loss Success Exercise after gastric bypass surgery is critical for effective weight loss. “When we lose weight rapidly, we lose muscle. Muscle gauges and controls our metabolism. Exercise is a safe and effective way of maintaining lean body mass, which maintains metabolism and will facilitate [healthy] weight loss. Exercise also shortens recovery time for bariatric surgery patients and reduces the risk of postsurgical complications We offer typical exercise program recommended to bariatric surgery patients. The exercises in class are prescribed and performed for various reasons including weight loss, strengthening muscles, improving the cardiovascular system and developing or maintaining physical skills like balance. HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND CERTIFIED EXPERTS Every person that is referred receives a detailed assessment on their first visit. A senior physiotherapist evaluates the patient thoroughly and puts him/her on a exercise program which will be taken over by a physiotherapist cum certified Pilates instructor for further evaluation and a course of exercise program.
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